Poem by Peter Lekas

11th grade, William Howard Taft High School

Our educator,
The person who has
open doors whenever.
Are the ones being
Treated the worst.

They don’t get the respect
From the board of education,
From the students they teach
And we say we “know” this teacher
But do you know what’s happening
In their personal life?

If they do not feel respected
Then they will not give respect
They will treat you the way you
Treat them.
Then the students won’t respect
No one will be respecting any one

But some people don’t deserve
The police who are
killing innocent
pedestrians trying to
get there life
In shape, but they can’t
do that 6 feet under.

Some people don’t deserve
Such as those teachers
who don’t teach anymore.
The ones who throw a
Piece of paper at you
And tell you to complete it.

Tell us why the the ones
Who are supposed to educate
And motivate us are the ones
who are giving us more and
more anxiety?
You say you teach but
Is giving us a paper teaching?
Then failing us on the
Midterm because you said we
Just didn’t pay attention.

And the ones who are supposed
To make us feel safe are the
Ones who are making us feel
More and more scared to leave
The safety and comfort of
Our homes.
Why do you fear people who
Don’t look like you?
Maybe you’re the problem.

You say the system is broken
But the system was never complete.

We understand
We understand that everyone
Had problems and
We can never know each exact
But why take your aggravation
Out on us the students,
The innocent pedestrians?

We understand that
Budget cuts such
But what you don’t understand
Is that it’s not our fault.
We didn’t decided to make
You’re hard earned money get
smaller and smaller,
I promise.

Yet along with those
Bad teachers/ police officers.
There are good ones,
They may be hard to find.
But there are out there they
Don’t deserve the things that
Are happening to them.
They have realized that
If you want something done
You have to go out and do it.

I have gone to one to
many schools,
To realize that sometimes
You have to go out and make
a difference.
Instead of blaming the
Students and pedestrians.

you have to wake
Your third eye,
To see what is happening
To this corrupted system.