Poem: A Letter To Mayor Rahm Emanuel

By Jakera Kimble
8th grade, Sayre Elementary Language Academy


Man Its Really Different Crazy

All Kinds Of Obstacles And Challenges That We One Day Will Have To Face

Unless We Put Him Back In Place


What The Hell Were You Thinking

You Shouldn’t Be The Mayor You Are Bad At Making Decisions

How Dare You Try To Steal Our Education

Closing All These Schools And The Other Dependent Places

You Looking Very Racist

You Know That There’s A Lot Of Black Facing Poverty

Leaving Americans With This Odd Curiosity

Peoples Phyllophytes Of Democracies

Your Children Can Afford All These Private Schools But How About The Families That Has Less Than You

You Weren’t Thinking About Us Were You

But You Want The Best For My Country

The Devil is A Lie And The Truth Isn’t Within It

We Found Out Your Truth

You Only Thinking About You

In For The Money, In For The Fame

Raising All These Prices Of Living , Gas,  Food,  And Other Necessities

This Is So Unnecessary

All These Test Are Redundant

Why You Think Drop Out Rates Are Increasing And So Is Poverty

The Amount Of Stress You Put On Your People Is Outrageous More Like Contagious Because When You Add The Extra Foolishness The Challenges Are Back To Back

For The Community

The So Called People You Love

What Is Your Explanation

Come On


You Gone Have To Face It

That You Are



A Disgrace To My Race


You Look Like A Republican

A True Democrat Wouldn’t Leave

Me Out

She Out

He Out

We Out

We Need You Out

The Mayors House

Before I End With My Letter There’s One More Thing I Must Say

This Chaos Is Unnecessary

Your Criteria Is So Obsolete

You Might As Well Press Delete  Because Your Decisions Are So Irrelevant To We