Poem: What is Education?

by Tlam Minh
7th grade, Edison Regional Gifted Center

we may never know…
because the board ain’t doing their job.
This ain’t survival of the fittest.
This ain’t the Neolithic.
We are a puzzle and when-
one of us falls out of place,
we all crumble.
No child left behind?
Yeah right, you psychopathic dream killers.
Killin’ the dreams of children.
Crushin’ and poundin’ them into
We are the generation that replaces you.
If you don’t educate us,
we might as well undo the works
of our founding fathers,
and return the
real survival of the fittest.
Money may bring power,
but knowledge IS power.
So do something else
than making teachers slaves.
Listen and hear the song
the birds are singing.
Stay a while and watch
the flowers blooming.
And feel a gentle breeze flow by,
leaving behind a trail of dust.
board of education…