Poem: My Education

by Demetrius Johnson
10th grade, Collins Academy High School

my education is facing
a crisis that’s really what I’ve
been told  the budget cuts
sliced up more than Scatchell’s
pizza so now I gotta be
bold so let me speak out
about a story that’s never
been told.
I remember in december when it
was cold kids from 3 areas
whose school was closed
everyone were the nice kids we all
thought they didn’t belong
we were told to be doctors instead of
of firefighters
But they did something different
a girl sang a song  a boy
spoke the right to wrong wait
hold up the wrong to right  we changed
our future at the spark of a light
they wanted an education too
still after the strike as I looked
on tv and as I look outside they
should already know we all
can’t sleep at night we gotta fight
now because our education is broken
with all its might.