poem by Tresure Adams

poem by Tresure Adams
11th grade, Harlan Community Academy High School

education was made for me
my melanin deletes my chances to wear a cap and gown,
they frown upon my creation
but it is this nation that has put a gun in hand
stuck between sides with a fork in hand
where will I decide to consume?
if I go on the greener side, will my pigment fade
just because I defied the fate that was made

my skin fits a life I don’t want to lead
do I backtrack and think, or must I proceed
never satisfied, Lady Liberty is like most women
she wants all or nothing, but I must do something

my dreams, my hopes, my wants and needs,
do not appease the news or its newsfeed,
i just want opportunity, yeah they swear that it’s equal
but they have many options, we don’t even get a sequel

money makes the world go round
and we rotate the globe either way
we either read a book or we’re read our rights,
such a divided thing to say

we must conform to a nation where we don’t even belong,
and where the pledge of allegiance is the most sung song
god forbid we sing We Shall Overcome, apparently we made it
our rights are false and printed on paper that’s outdated