Poem by Cantrell Dotson

poem by Cantrell Dotson
9th grade, Collins Academy High School

I went to Gregory 10 years of my life
That was 5 years of teachers not getting their rights
Teachers that showed me a different level or altitude
That told me once you in that system you screwed my dude
Leave em out to dry like a camel
Don’t believe me let me give you an example
On a beautiful hump day teachers went on strike
Came back found out they told Ms. O to take a hike
Now she was my A1, my favorite teacher
Now Imma cleanse your soul like Imma preacher
End of the summer I was walkin down the street during the heat
I saw her laid out in front of my feet
It sound like I’m rappin but let me tell you what led this to happen
Once she was fired
She was never rehired
So she ain’t get no check so she couldn’t provide for the fam
What the heck
Kids got took, got kicked out now she’s here
Take a look
Now tell me what do you see when you lookin at me
Look at what I’m destined to be
Got dreams of NBA that’s why I’m in school grindin every day
This comin straight from wizzle so give me my education
I’m trynna make it rain not drizzle