Poem: CPS Matters Too

by Avery Sims, 7th grader, Sayre Elementary Language Academy


Something to Mr. Rahm the man trying to stop me from learning,

I will not tolerate it anymore,

You pushing aside the kids of Chicago,

I was born here I was raised here,

CPS is where I started and intend to finish!

We are all here for reason,

This injustice should be considered treason,

You close schools,

Take our money,

And that just politics, right?


Man I am just sitting here in my desk,

out west taking test after test,



I see in the news,

I see in the schools,

CPS lost 1 billion dollars,

That’s crazy right?

No, its not,

It just the reality I live.


Now I am finna take it,

Barbra Byrd-Bennett,

Forest Claypool,

When they gonna end it?


People thrive for this education,

Some people are willing to die for

this education.


How dare you, Rahm, declare CPS obsolete?

Trying to make another Detroit

Trying to exploit the teachers and students of CPS.


That’s why you have people going down and up the streets chanting,

“Hey, Ho, Rahm Emanual’s Got to Go!”


CPS Matters Too…